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How to sew a cotton mask – video

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We have prepared for you a video with instructions on how to make a cotton mask. Play this video »

COVID-19 – all public events in Czech Rebublic cancelled

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Dear Friends, We are sorry, but due to preventive measures taken in connection with COVID-19, starting today all public events in Czech Republic involving more than 30 people will be cancelled for a period of 30 days. For further up-to-date information concerning the emergency measures in force in the Czech Republic, we recommend visiting the […]

Guest lecture Department of Photography and Centre of Audiovisual Studies: Halima Haruna

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Halima Haruna is a Nigerian artist and researcher living in the U.S. Her research interests are at the intersection of the decolonisation of knowledge and epistemology through spiritual practice. Her creative practice revolves around cultural theory based on Nigerian socio-politics, mediated through performance and video. She deals primarily with collaborative, educational and community-based projects that […]

Guest lecture Department of Photography and Centre of Audiovisual Studies: Bernd Herzogenrath

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Bernd Herzogenrath is Professor of American Studies at Goethe Universität, Frankfurt am Main. His latest publications include the edited collections Media|Matter (Bloomsbury 2015),Sonic Thinking (Bloomsbury 2017), Film as Philosophy (University of Minnesota Press 2017), and The Films of Bill Morrison (Amsterdam University Press 2017).

Job Fair

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Rockets and Bombs (Identity Series)

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This performance explores the theme of identity – individual identity, identity of person within a group and identity of a group. Identity is nothing stable; it changes and varies through presence and communication, it develops and stagnates, it excels and it fails. In order to find a possibility of authentic, raw identity the performance is […]