Kathrin: Cafedu – Study Café

CafeduBlog postsMay 18, 2018

Just on the other side of the National Museum you can find the Study Café “Cafedu”. This cute Café is perfect for everyone who can’t study at home or doesn’t like the isolation in the library (who can study without a coffee?!). The location is very central and easy to reach, several trams are stopping … Continue reading “Kathrin: Cafedu – Study Café”

Ayaka: My best memory

Blog postsApr 23, 2018

If you want to study in Czech, there are many good teachers and environment. You can try whatever. And in summer it is so good to drink outside. People are more open and more funny. I went park with my friends. and we talked a lot. I could know many things from conversation with my … Continue reading “Ayaka: My best memory”

Ayaka: My experiences from Prague

Blog postsApr 16, 2018

I have many friends in Prague now. and they are kind and help me when I’m in trouble. So now I don’t have any anxiety to my Czech life.

Ayaka: What I like about studying in Prague

Blog postsApr 2, 2018

I could study philosophy, history. and there are many students from different countries. so i had to know about my country more and more. and also there are many people like Japanese culture. I got many opportunities to think and study about my country.

Ayaka: Why I decided to study in Prague

Blog postsMar 26, 2018

I was looking for studio that I can study contemporary art. and My studio( UMPRUM intermedia studio) is good for me to study and work. because I can make anything that I want. there is no limit. Also i really like Alfons Mucha and Jan Svankmajer. so I’m interested in Czech culture and animation too.