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Movie night

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For the occasion of the anniversary of 30 years from the Velvet Revolution, the Czech University of Life Sciences Prague organizes several events. One of them is a projection of the movie Občanský průkaz (Identity card) which is a famous Czech movie (showed with Czech subtitles) about teenagers growing up in the totalitarian regime. The […]

Life Sciences Film Festival

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Come visit the 9th LSFF where you can watch documentary movies from different topics, such as agriculture, food industry, technologies, environment, sustainability and much more. There is also a rich accompanying program where you can, for example, try virtual reality glasses, visit our new High-Tech pavilion at the Faculty of Forestry and Wood Sciences or […]

Jimena: Tram Network

tram-network-tnBlog PostsOct 22, 2019

One of the most efficient transport in the city of Prague is the tram network. It connect 21 day routes, 9 night routes and 931 trams running in the city 24 hours a day, one of the largest fleets in the world. Also its important to mention that this transport continues to be very economical. […]

Jimena: Czech Crown

Czech CrownBlog PostsOct 15, 2019

The Czech Republic is one of the countries that conform the European Union, although in its agreement it was decided not to change to EUROS and keep its original currency called Koruna that in Czech means crown. It is known under the sign Kč that has the [ˇ] háčekaccent characteristic in the Czech language and […]

Guest lecture Department of Photography: Paul Chaney

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He is a self-taught artist researching through a mix of participatory and durational art practices both local and global in scale. He lives and works in Prague, Czech Republic and in UK.

Guest lecture Department of Photography: Jaro Varga

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Several basic motifs appear and are developed in the work of Jaroslav Varga. His main theme is the city and its transformation, deformation and elements of disappearance. He works with history but always connects, confronts and reflects upon it in light of the present, which he places within a broader historical framework. He investigates contemporary […]

Conference of Department of Photography: Expert-Readable Images

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speakers: Tomáš Dvořák, Michaela Fišerová, Jussi Parikka, Susan Schuppli, Birgit Schneider While machine-readable images have by now become a constant reference point for photographic theory and contemporary visual media studies, our event turns to the question: what are the specialised expert-readable image practices that cater to the technical specifities, institutional demands, and particular knowledge-roles of […]

Guest lecture Department of Photography: Julie Bena

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She studied at the Villa Arson in Nice and attended the Gerrit Rietveld Academie at Amsterdam. In 2012-2013, she was part of le Pavillon, the research laboratory of le Palais de Tokyo. In 2018, she was nominated for the Prix AWARE women art prize. She is represented by Gallery Joseph Tang (Paris) and gallery Polansky […]

Guest lecture Department of Photography: Lambros Papanikolatos

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He studied Marketing, Communications and Advertising (BA) in Athens and received a MA in fine art photography from the Film Academy (FAMU), in Prague. He also holds a degree in Media and Multimedia design from The Hague University, in the Netherlands. He is an Alexander S. Onassis Public Benefit Foundation scholar (1999 – 2001) and […]