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Life Hacks

Jimena: Insurances

InsuranceBlog PostsLife HacksNov 12, 2019

While choosing your insurance, you will find several companies, we mention here some of the most reliable offering comprehensive insurance: VZP, UNIQA, SLAVIA and MAXIMA. The conditions are practically the same in all of these companies. However VZP has the biggest number of signed doctors and medical institutions that is why most of the Czech people […]

Jimena: Emergency Numbers

AmbulanceBlog PostsLife HacksNov 5, 2019

112 Remember this number because is the GENERAL EMERGENGY NUMBER working throughout all European Union that could assist you. It should be used just in case of urgent emergencies concerning with: Police, Fire and Medical Assistance. The operator for this number speaks English, German and Czech language. The number is free of charges and its […]

Useful NGOs in Prague

Life HacksJul 17, 2019

As we know, living in Prague is very fun, comfortable and safe, but sometimes we have some difficult or unexpected situations, when we need to ask special kind of help and support. There are many NGOs, that are providing free legal and social counselling, assistance in difficult personal situations and other useful services for foreigners: […]

Karlovy Vary International Film Festival

Life HacksNov 27, 2017

Karlovy Vary is a picturesque spa town in the western part of the Czech Republic, only 1.5 hours by bus from Prague. The International Film Festival has been taking place in this small town for more than 50 years. At the beginning of July every year the festival, which is ranked in the same category […]

Art map

Life HacksNov 27, 2017

Interested in art and design? With the Art map you can discover Czech artists, the latest exhibitions and art events! http://www.artmap.cz/en

Beer spa

Life HacksNov 27, 2017

Did you know that you can use the most famous Czech beverage, not only as a refreshment for when you’re thirsty, but also to refresh your whole body? The Beer Spa in Prague offers an extraordinary experience of the healing effects of the hop! http://www.beerspa.com/?lang=en

Chlebíček – a typical Czech delicacy

Life HacksNov 27, 2017

This famous Czech savoury snack, with more than 100 years of tradition, is an absolute “must” during your visit to Prague! “Chlebíčky” Are open sandwiches with various kinds of titbits on top, such as cheese, ham, caviar, eggs, vegetables, mayonnaise etc. They’re ideal if you’re just a bit peckish, and really delicious with a beer […]


Life HacksNov 27, 2017

The Czechs are dog lovers – no question about it! More than 40% of Czech citizens own a dog. The most popular dog breeds in the Czech Republic are: German shepherd, dachshund, golden retriever, Jack Russell terrier, Stafford terrier, chihuahua and Yorkshire terrier. People in the country are generally very tolerant towards dogs. Many shops, […]

Student to Student postcards without stamps

Life HacksNov 27, 2017

Did you know that you can send postcards to your mates, best friends and parents for free? Just write STS „Student to Student” at the place for stamp! Do not forget about this idea travelling all around the world during the summer vocation!

Government scholarship

Life HacksNov 27, 2017

Every year the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport of the Czech Republic offers great opportunity — scholarships to foreign nationals within the framework of intergovernmental exchange programmes arranged with the following countries: Argentina, Austria, Bulgaria, Egypt, Estonia, France, Germany, Greece, India, Israel, Italy, Japan, Republic of Korea, Latvia, Luxembourg, Macedonia, Malta, Mexico, Mongolia, Peru, […]