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Anti-COVID activities at CZU

COVID-19Apr 22, 2020

The Faculty of Economics and Management at CZU Prague has provided its full computing capacity of the BigData cluster to the Rosetta@home project, which examines three-dimensional protein shapes and can lead to finding a cure for COVID-19 as well as other human diseases such as cancer, Alzheimer’s, HIV and others. The Minister of Agriculture, Miroslav […]

CZU students and employees actively help

COVID-19Apr 21, 2020

CZU students and employees actively help hospitals in Prague 6, deliver protective equipment, disinfectants and food for medical staff members. Together with the CZU Students Association and Uniqway, a “student assistance” was created to ensure the supply of basic food and medicines. You can join at http://asociacestudentu.cz/pomahame/.  

Charles University healthcare workers and medical students on the front line

COVID-19Apr 21, 2020

Medical students and doctors connected to all medical faculties of Charles University decided to become actively involved in combating the coronavirus infection. Thousands of students of Charles University are assisting in hospitals or regional public health facilities as healthcare workers, carers and auxiliary personnel in the taking and testing of samples, as well as e.g. […]

Czech scientists take the battle to the coronavirus

COVID-19Apr 21, 2020

Research institutes in the Czech Republic – including Charles University – are not lagging behind in the global fight against coronavirus. Just as the research into active substances to fight the viral infection and its introduction into the medical practice is in full swing, scientific teams are busy with detecting the infection. Testing for ‘Covid-19’ […]