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Jung-Jiea: What I like most in Prague and why

Blog PostsFeb 20, 2018

Architecture. Prague is such a beautiful and historic city. I like to do small adventure in this city by passing through these architectures influenced by the Gothic, cubism and art nouveau styles. The beauty of Prague never fails to amaze me.

Jung-Jiea: What I like about studying in Prague

Blog PostsFeb 13, 2018

This city has so much to offer – full of arts, galleries and more! From fine arts to applied arts, Prague always has a lot going on – arts exhibitions, information, and inspirations, simply just so much more than what I expected before coming. What’s more, international arts seminars are often held here, and there’s […]

Kristin: Dogs in Prague

Blog PostsFeb 8, 2018

This may sound a little random, but I have noticed that there are a lot of dogs in Prague. Someone once told me it is because it was not allowed to own dogs during the communist times. However they are everywhere, even in the hallways and studios around the university. I really like this because […]

Jung-Jiea: Why I decided to study in Prague

Blog PostsFeb 5, 2018

Czech Republic is an attractive country full of its distinctive culture and history. Its excellence in arts can be seen everywhere on the streets. I believe Czech Republic’s capital – Prague is the best place for an arts student to learn. Within a short period of time, I have been learning a lot about arts […]

Kristin: My experiences from Prague

Blog PostsFeb 1, 2018

I have been glad to meet a lot of very nice people in Prague and make friends with both locals and foreigners. It is a relief that English is commonly spoken, as Czech language is bloody difficult to learn! Or maybe it’s just me.. However those who don’t speak English are usually happy to communicate […]

Kristin: What I like most in Prague and why

Blog PostsJan 25, 2018

I like the size of Prague and the fact that it has a lot of green areas. You still get the ‘big city life’ feeling, but you are able to walk anywhere and the transport system is also very simple and easy to understand. Most of the parks are quite large in size and when […]

Kristin: What I like about studying in Prague

Blog PostsJan 18, 2018

The situation of being in Prague allows for trips to other places in Europe by simply jumping on a train or a bus. Since beginning of term I have already been allowed to travel to Venice with the Visual Arts studio and to Hamburg and Berlin with the architecture studio. In Venice we went to […]

Abhisek: What I like about academic culture in Prague

Blog PostsJan 15, 2018

As a student, I always found myself confused by either too much of old-fashioned discipline or no structure at all, both extremes were a little tough for my learning. The academic culture in my University in Prague is a perfect combination of the two where our teachers are open to students and their ideas but […]

Kristin: Why I decided to study in Prague

Blog PostsJan 11, 2018

Before moving to Prague I studied and worked in other places in Europe and I often spend my weekends visiting friends that studied here already. I was struck by the architecture revealing layers of history that I wanted to explore further. It is also affordable to live in Prague especially when compared to other capital […]

Abhisek: Why I decided to study in Prague

Blog PostsJan 8, 2018

Studying in Prague is one of the best decisions you’ll ever make. You will find yourself inspired by every nook and cranny of this historical city that has kept it’s tradition alive but also, fostered a vibrant youth culture. If you are seeking a balance between modernity and cutting-edge future, this is where you want […]