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Ayaka: What I like most in Prague and why

Blog PostsApr 9, 2018

I like landscape of Prague. my Academy is near to Prague Castle. So view from my studio is so amazing. And I like location. Czech is convenient to travel other Europe countries. We have many buses, trains to go neighbor countries. Also Czech public transportation is cheap. you can take tram, bus, metro by one […]

Ayaka: What I like about studying in Prague

Blog PostsApr 2, 2018

I could study philosophy, history. and there are many students from different countries. so i had to know about my country more and more. and also there are many people like Japanese culture. I got many opportunities to think and study about my country.

Minami: Beautiful and unique sceneries in Prague

Blog PostsMar 29, 2018

Prague is famous for its beautiful and unique scenery because in Prague there are various periods and styles of architecture. Here I want to add many parks in Prague. Now I live in a dormitory and I can walk to two big parks Letná Park and Stromovka Park. Stromovka Park is my favorite one and […]

Ayaka: Why I decided to study in Prague

Blog PostsMar 26, 2018

I was looking for studio that I can study contemporary art. and My studio( UMPRUM intermedia studio) is good for me to study and work. because I can make anything that I want. there is no limit. Also i really like Alfons Mucha and Jan Svankmajer. so I’m interested in Czech culture and animation too.

Minami: My experiences from Prague

Blog PostsMar 22, 2018

Convenience of Prague’s transportation system is famous even in Japan. So I was looking forward to go around Prague’s city by trams. I have been here in Prague for almost 3 months and came to know that information board at tram stops always helps me so much. It shows me riding time, connection to metro, […]

Minami: What I like most in Prague and why

Blog PostsMar 15, 2018

Prague is a pleasant city to live in. One of Czech customs I like is greeting like “Děkuju“, “Na shledanou!”, “Hezký den!” when you have paid at any stores and supermarkets. Clerks at shops in Czech Republic know how to make customers’ day. This greeting might be the first step for foreigners to get accustomed […]

Minami: What I like about studying in Prague

Blog PostsMar 8, 2018

I study contemporary conceptual art at art university in Prague. Contemporary art usually places the most importance on idea and concepts but at the same time certain craftsmanship is as much as significant. My school provides students opportunities to join in various workshops of lithography, silkscreen, book binding, metal and wood, jewelry, ceramics, photography and […]

Jung-Jiea: In the heart of Europe

Blog PostsMar 6, 2018

Czech Republic is located in the heart of Europe. It is always affordable and convenient to go from Prague to another country. What’s more, as a student in Prague, I can easily use my student visa to travel around Europe. It’s a good opportunity to experience different cultures during the school breaks.

Minami: Why I decided to study in Prague

Blog PostsMar 1, 2018

Both in Czech Republic and Japan, there is an increase in the number of interesting contemporary art galleries even though the art market is still small. Notably in Prague, many art events, gallery talks, and openings are held every week. Various generations from little children to the elderly go to these exhibitions and workshops on […]

Jung-Jiea: My experiences from Prague

Blog PostsFeb 27, 2018

Prague is affordable in living, even for students! I never have to be stressed about monthly rent and day-to-day expenses and I can put my focus on study. Additionally, learning is endless in this historic city. Prague is an international city, I‘ve met friends not only from Czech Republic but also from different countries. I […]