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Daria: Prague public transportation

blog-daria-transport-smallBlog PostsNov 27, 2018

In general, Prague public transportation system is very coherent and clear. Most of all, citizens opt for trams, as their network covers all the city and it is extremely comfortable to use them. They are usually 2-3 minutes late, but, besides that, they are always on scheduled time. Subway, as for me, is commonly used […]

Daria: My first impressions from Prague

blog-daria-impression-smallBlog PostsNov 13, 2018

Honestly, my first impressions from Prague are from 2010 year, when I visited it the first time (there were also second and third times, when I fell in love with a city completely), so I was already quite familiar with the city when I arrived. But, of course, there is a huge difference between tourism […]

Kathrin: Cafedu – Study Café

CafeduBlog PostsMay 18, 2018

Just on the other side of the National Museum you can find the Study Café “Cafedu”. This cute Café is perfect for everyone who can’t study at home or doesn’t like the isolation in the library (who can study without a coffee?!). The location is very central and easy to reach, several trams are stopping […]

Kathrin: Day trip to Karlovy Vary

Karlovy VaryBlog PostsMay 11, 2018

To really explore the Czech Republic, I can highly recommend doing weekend or day trips to those lovely little towns all over the country. One of the first day trips I did was to the small town of Karlovy Vary (also known as Karlsbad). The town is famous for quite a few things, firstly its […]

Kathrin: Coffee Room – for all breakfast lovers

Coffee RoomBlog PostsMay 4, 2018

If you love food and especially breakfast, the Coffee Room close to “Vinohradská vodárna” is the place to go! It is a rather small but very lovely coffee and breakfast place with a wide range of self-made pastries and amazing coffee. The café has its own charm in a vintage and hipster style you would […]

Kathrin: Sunrise from the Charles Bridge

Charles BridgeBlog PostsApr 27, 2018

You must think, “Charles bridge? Isn’t that the number one touristy thing to do? Aren’t these tips supposed to be “insider tips?”. Well, you are kind of right but I personally think it is a must do to see the sunrise from the Charles Bridge at least once. Time to be at the Charles Bridge […]

Ayaka: My best memory

Blog PostsApr 23, 2018

If you want to study in Czech, there are many good teachers and environment. You can try whatever. And in summer it is so good to drink outside. People are more open and more funny. I went park with my friends. and we talked a lot. I could know many things from conversation with my […]

Ayaka: My experiences from Prague

Blog PostsApr 16, 2018

I have many friends in Prague now. and they are kind and help me when I’m in trouble. So now I don’t have any anxiety to my Czech life.

Ayaka: What I like most in Prague and why

Blog PostsApr 9, 2018

I like landscape of Prague. my Academy is near to Prague Castle. So view from my studio is so amazing. And I like location. Czech is convenient to travel other Europe countries. We have many buses, trains to go neighbor countries. Also Czech public transportation is cheap. you can take tram, bus, metro by one […]