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Daria: Winter time in and out of Prague

daria_winter_thumbBlog PostsMar 12, 2019

Although the winter started less than month ago, the weather was quite freezing for a while, but almost without snow. Coming from Russia, it is unusual to have this relatively warm winter period, because I’m used to go skiing every weekend and here in Prague there is no such opportunity. Nevertheless, there is a bunch […]

Sabina: Place to visit – Brno

gajda_brno_introBlog PostsMar 8, 2019

Winter is a perfect time to visit other cities. Reason? Christmas markets at its fullest! But if you are not a fan of those, there are many things you can see there anyway. Brno is in the heart of Moravia at it’s totally worth visiting. There are many small squares there. In the exact city […]

Brina: Having a part-time/summer job in Prague

brina_004Blog PostsMar 4, 2019

Finding a part-time job in Prague seemed hard at first, but there are opportunities for english-speakers as well- either in international teams or turistic venues in the city’s center. You can find part-time jobs at jobs.cz (in czech part-time student work is called brigady, which is a special category on jobs.cz), design and architecture related […]

Brina: My experience with travelling out of Prague

brina_001Blog PostsFeb 28, 2019

I arrived in Prague by car and am occasionally able to take trips with my classmates to Prague’s surrounding destinations and events concerning my studies. Amongst those were a trip to Novy Bor, Kamenicky Šenov, Velka Amerika (abandened quarry) and castle Karlstein. You can also reach all those destinations by train. There is a lot […]

Brina: How I made friends in Prague

brina_005Blog PostsFeb 24, 2019

Joining VA program, making friends was very easy. Classmates were in the same position as me – new on UMPRUM, new in Prague and away from our home countries and families. Everybody seemed very interesting as well- comming from different cultures all over the World and studying at different studios. There is always a super […]

Minami: Having a part-time/summer job in Prague

minami_005Blog PostsFeb 16, 2019

My first part-time job actually didn’t take any place, I mean I started my job career here as an online translator at one foreign enterprise. Basically I could work anywhere like at home, school, or some cafe. Then I got a job at a restaurant in summer. At the same time, I also got another […]

Minami: Going to the doctor´s – my experience with medical care in Prague

minami_004Blog PostsFeb 12, 2019

My first experience with medical care in Prague was to see doctors to have medical checkup for scholarship application use. Then I went to a clinic which can issue “zdravotní průkaz” (a required certification to work at places related to food like a restaurant) to start part-time job as a waitress. At both clinics, doctors […]

Minami: My experience with travelling out of Prague

minami_003Blog PostsFeb 8, 2019

Prague is a perfect location to travel everywhere in Europe! I usually use a bus to travel to near countries like Germany, Hungary, Poland or Slovakia. If the destination is a bit far located, I might use a plane but still it is cheap enough to travel around with flights offered by LCC companies. Once […]

Minami: How I made friends in Prague

minami_002Blog PostsFeb 4, 2019

I made friends from school at the studios where I am studying or at some events like someone’s birthday party, art exhibition openings, or music or film festivals. Foreign students are usually considered to be together in their circle all the time but once you bring yourself to talk to Czech local students, they welcome […]