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Daria: Language issues

daria_language_thumbBlog PostsApr 21, 2019

Being native Russian speaker, I should say that for me the issue is far less stressful than for my pals. Firstly, the language group is the same – Slavik, so I can naturally catch some general sense out of the speech. Furthermore, there is this group of people (especially of older generation), who speak Russian. […]

María: Winter in Prague

maria_winter_thumbBlog PostsApr 17, 2019

I must begin by saying that back where I am from (Colombia) we don’t have seasons or anything similar; we are under the efects of the ecuatorial line wich means we have an unpredictable weather pattern that changes day by day, but never gets to any extreme temperature. That’s why for me, winter in Prague […]

Begüm: What is it like being invited to a Czech home

ercam_invited_thumbBlog PostsApr 13, 2019

My friend from Turkey is studying in Prague for 2 years. I visited him after a few weeks when I came here. He lives in Náměstí Míru and I have never been there before. The place is a so pleasant square dominated by the Church of St. Ludmila. You should go there during Christmas because […]

Brina: Winter time in Prague

maria_winter_thumbBlog PostsApr 9, 2019

As is charactheristic for Central Europe, Prague gets very cold during winter. It is good to get a warm coat and bulk up on knitted clothing if you are not used to chilly weather. On the other hand, Prague gets very lively with aproaching holidays. Muhled wine or »svarak« is offered on many squares with […]

Begüm: Pets in Prague

ercam_pets_thumbBlog PostsApr 5, 2019

The truth is that there are many cats in Turkey and İstanbul but I had never seen such many pets anywhere apart from Prague. The dogs especially here are different in a good way. It is not unusual to find dogs in public places like trams, school or restaurant… Everyone is very friendly and open […]

Brina: Doing sports in Prague

brina_sports_thumbBlog PostsMar 28, 2019

There are numerous sport possibilities in Prague. Running/jogging is best at city’s parks and green areas on the edge of the city (Stromovka, Divoka Sarka,…) I have had the possibility to join my schoolmates at badminton sessions once a week at the sport center Olšanka close to my home. At the same facility they also […]

Brina: Basic czech expressions

brina_expressions_thumbBlog PostsMar 24, 2019

Even if czech language is too different from your mother tongue to learn it effectively in a short time, it’s always nice to learn a few words, that allow you to exchange a few words with non-english speakers or to show kind regard for the people and country you’re visiting. »Dobry den« (formal, lit. Good […]

Begüm: Eating out – going to restaurants

ercam_eating_thumbBlog PostsMar 20, 2019

Highly recommend Kozlovna Apropos! I visited this restaurant twice with my friends. The food is delicious and reasonably priced, the ambiance also is friendly and cozy. You can taste real traditional Czech dishes in huge plates. It is located in Křížovnická 4, Staré Město. We tried old bohemian goulash with dumplings and crispy duck with […]

María: Dogs in Prague

maria_dogs_thumbBlog PostsMar 16, 2019

Since I move to Prague I noticed it is a city of dog lovers. You can see dogs in the park, in the streets, waiting outside every store or supermarket, even all around the university, wandering around and playing with other fellow dogs. It’s lovely to see how people take their canine friends with them […]

Daria: Winter time in and out of Prague

daria_winter_thumbBlog PostsMar 12, 2019

Although the winter started less than month ago, the weather was quite freezing for a while, but almost without snow. Coming from Russia, it is unusual to have this relatively warm winter period, because I’m used to go skiing every weekend and here in Prague there is no such opportunity. Nevertheless, there is a bunch […]