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Lítačka – Public Transport Pass

litackaLife HacksFeb 26, 2020

The card called “Lítačka” is a transport card, which is mainly used to travel within the public transport network of Prague. The use of this card includes all public transport in the city: metro, bus, tram, or electric mobile. The benefits of having the “Lítačka” card is that it is not required to sign or […]

Czech language

cLife HacksFeb 19, 2020

The Czech language is a language of the Slavic and Indo-European group and is spoken by approximately 10 million people. This is the official language of the Czech Republic and is closely connected with the Slovak in its structure and phonetic, its roots also expand to other languages such as Polish and Russian. This language […]


sirenaLife HacksFeb 12, 2020

On the first Wednesday of each month at 12:00 hours, the City of Prague Fire Services and Operations Center operates and maintains the warning system by activating the alarm- siren. Mermaids are often followed by a message (in Czech and English) about the nature of the emergency or confirming that it is only a test. […]

Student accommodation

accommodationLife HacksFeb 5, 2020

When you get acceptance for your studies in Prague, one of the main issues to be resolved will be housing. Remember that rental prices are higher in the historical centers, where most of the large universities in Prague are located. For this reason in this article we help you to check some options that universities […]