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Education & Training Expo Oman (EDUTREX) 2019

Meet us at these events - Muscat, Oman

For the first time, the Study in Prague team will be present at the Education & Training Exhibition 2019, in the capital of Oman – Muscat. We are looking forward to seeing you there!


InsuranceLife HacksNov 12, 2019

While choosing your insurance, you will find several companies, we mention here some of the most reliable offering comprehensive insurance: VZP, UNIQA, SLAVIA and MAXIMA. The conditions are practically the same in all of these companies. However VZP has the biggest number of signed doctors and medical institutions that is why most of the Czech people […]

Czech Culture Shock

Prague EventsNov 6, 2019

No one expects to experience culture shock, and when it happens they usually don’t recognize it. But when everything around you is so different all the time, a certain degree of quiet frustration, sudden shock, or long-term fatigue is inevitable. Let’s discuss what it really means to live in a different culture, and how we […]

Emergency Numbers

AmbulanceLife HacksNov 5, 2019

112 Remember this number because is the GENERAL EMERGENGY NUMBER working throughout all European Union that could assist you. It should be used just in case of urgent emergencies concerning with: Police, Fire and Medical Assistance. The operator for this number speaks English, German and Czech language. The number is free of charges and its […]