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Yi Ling: How I was looking for a place to stay in Prague, how I found it

yi-ling_005Blog PostsJan 19, 2019

Since I do not know anyone living in Prague or have any knowledge about rental in Prague, I decided to stay at the school dorm. I contacted the manager in charge of the dorm and she quickly sorted out and confirmed my stay, and I could move in as soon as I landed in Czech […]

Yi Ling: Applying for a visa

yi-ling_006Blog PostsJan 15, 2019

My student visa application was a pretty complicated task. I was a Malaysian working in China; therefore I had to prepare both Malaysia and China documents for the application. There was one document from Malaysia that was not properly superlegalised, so the consulate rejected it and I had to send the document back and forth […]

Sabina: Trip to Karlovy Vary

Karlovy VaryBlog PostsJan 4, 2019

Have you ever wondered how does a magical town, located between hills, with a breathtaking architecture looks like? Now you have the opportunity to visit it! You can find Karlovy Vary in the eastern part of the Czech Republic, close to German border. And it’s not that far away from Prague either – it takes […]