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Kathrin: Experience report – Brazil

Blog PostsDec 28, 2018

After spending almost two and a half months in Brazil, I thought it would be the right time to write about my experiences and impression of my exchange. Maybe you’re thinking about going abroad with VŠE in general or specifically to Brazil, or you’re just interested in how life in Brazil is. First of all, […]

Kathrin: Prague – what to skip when sightseeing

Blog PostsDec 20, 2018

As Prague is a beautiful city that has lots to offer for tourists, most of the most famous places will usually be very crowded and sometimes it is not fun at all to visit these sights. In the following I will give you some tips what you can skip to do if you don’t want […]

Daria: How I was looking for a place to stay in Prague, How I found it

blog-daria-flat2-smallBlog PostsDec 13, 2018

In fact, I live at the university dormitory, so my story is not overall interesting. I applied for the place in June, as soon as I was accepted to UMPRUM, and there were not that many left, so be very quick about it. I’m very glad that our school provides us with this opportunity, because […]

Daria: The way I spend my free time here in Prague

blog-daria-freetime-smallBlog PostsDec 4, 2018

Prague is indeed a very vibrant, cosmopolitan, active city, something new is constantly happening. Every week there are vernissages, festivals, celebrations — you can easily keep yourself updated with Facebook events. Our international group at UMPRUM often organizes some parties or excursions to explore the city. I prefer to combine these activities with more calm […]