Minami: My experiences from Prague

Convenience of Prague’s transportation system is famous even in Japan. So I was looking forward to go around Prague’s city by trams. I have been here in Prague for almost 3 months and came to know that information board at tram stops always helps me so much. It shows me riding time, connection to metro, and direction of tram route. The only thing I’m afraid of is getting fat because of too little exercise brought by marvelous trams!

Minami: What I like about studying in Prague

I study contemporary conceptual art at art university in Prague. Contemporary art usually places the most importance on idea and concepts but at the same time certain craftsmanship is as much as significant. My school provides students opportunities to join in various workshops of lithography, silkscreen, book binding, metal and wood, jewelry, ceramics, photography and so on. I am happy to to learn Czech craftsmanship and mentality of spending a lot of time and care to each step of handwork. You can check their works like books, leaflets, and posters everywhere in Prague.

Minami: Why I decided to study in Prague

Both in Czech Republic and Japan, there is an increase in the number of interesting contemporary art galleries even though the art market is still small. Notably in Prague, many art events, gallery talks, and openings are held every week. Various generations from little children to the elderly go to these exhibitions and workshops on outskirts of cities without mentioning to national gallery. Art scenes in Czech Republic is developing to the extent that artists have much chance to express their thoughts and visitors can discuss matters with those artists and other visitors. Therefore, I decided to study art here in Prague to create space for people to interact with each other.