Kristin: What I like most in Prague and why

I like the size of Prague and the fact that it has a lot of green areas. You still get the ‘big city life’ feeling, but you are able to walk anywhere and the transport system is also very simple and easy to understand. Most of the parks are quite large in size and when the weather allows for it they are packed with people. Eating out in Prague is not expensive and you have all the different cuisine to pick and choose. My favourite area is called Krymská, not just because the name itself is so cute and it looks like a fairytale with cake buildings everywhere; but also because of the liberal atmosphere and all the nice bars, cafes, movie theatres and book stores.

Kristin: What I like about studying in Prague

The situation of being in Prague allows for trips to other places in Europe by simply jumping on a train or a bus. Since beginning of term I have already been allowed to travel to Venice with the Visual Arts studio and to Hamburg and Berlin with the architecture studio. In Venice we went to the International Art Exhibition, Biennale Arte which made a great impression on me. I had never been to an art event of this size and will definitely go every year from now on. As the university is quite small, consisting around 400 students it is easier not to miss out on events, gallery openings, exhibitions and happenings around the city. I also feel that my voice is heard and that I am taking part in something. There are many opportunities to exhibit your work and partake in various design competitions. Our international group of master students in the Visual Art studio have our own comfortable space where we can work on our projects, share ideas or just hang out to cook and watch a movie.

Abhisek: What I like about academic culture in Prague

As a student, I always found myself confused by either too much of old-fashioned discipline or no structure at all, both extremes were a little tough for my learning. The academic culture in my University in Prague is a perfect combination of the two where our teachers are open to students and their ideas but also guide us, whenever needed, in an adult-friendly fashion.

Kristin: Why I decided to study in Prague

Before moving to Prague I studied and worked in other places in Europe and I often spend my weekends visiting friends that studied here already. I was struck by the architecture revealing layers of history that I wanted to explore further. It is also affordable to live in Prague especially when compared to other capital cities in Europe. And beer in Czech Republic is nowhere to be found cheaper and that’s a fact.

Abhisek: What I like about opportunities in Prague

Czech institutions are getting more and more internationalised, investing on partnerships and cooperation activities with European Union countries and others. There are may international students and countless opportunities for you to explore your further territory in Europe or the world, through your University and also, the international set of friends you will be making. In short, your journey doesn’t end at arriving in Prague, it only begins.