Abhisek: What I like about living in Prague

How may times do we think: I wish I could have fun and yet not bleed my wallet? Well, living in Prague comes a step closer to that.

The city is popular for it’s countless cultural and nightlife spots without being too expensive or exclusive. A drink by Valtava? A weekend trip to the hills? A delicious dinner in the historical quarter of the city? You can check all that and yet have enough money to sail you through.

Best places in the Czech Republic

We all know that Prague is a magical city. However, if you come here to study, you shouldn’t only stay in our capital city. The Czech Republic is full of beautiful places, castles and chateaux, national parks as well as modern architecture. Majority of those places are accessible by the public transportation. There are plenty of companies where you can rent a car or book a trip with a guide. In order to taste the Czech culture and the atmosphere we would recommend exploring on your own or with a group of friends. Keep in mind that if you are a student of Czech university and you own a student ID card (ISIC card) you can use student discount!

One of the places you should definitely visit is Český Krumlov. It is located in South Bohemia – about 200 km from Prague – and it is one of the most beautiful historic towns in Europe. Český Krumlov is included on the UNESCO list of world cultural and natural heritage sites. Its magical romantic atmosphere will make you never forget about this place. While your stay you need to visit the beautiful Renaissance chateau which is the largest in the Czech Republic outside Prague. You can also watch a play at the chateau theatre’s revolving auditorium.

If you are fan of nature you can discover Bohemian Paradise or Bohemian Switzerland National Park. Its nature gives you perfect conditions for walks or biking. You shouldn’t miss the monumental sandstone arch Pravčická brána which is not just a symbol of the national park – it is the largest natural rock arch anywhere in Europe and believe us – it will take your breath away! It had also charmed Hollywood filmmakers, who shot several scenes for The Chronicles of Narnia here.

We are sure you won’t have any difficulties finding the place that will charm you. If you do find such a place do not hesitate to share it with your friends!

Prague as Café superpower

If we say “The beer nation” most people will think of the Czech Republic. I’m not going to lie to you. It is true, Czech people drink a lot of beer.

However, what would you think if we say coffee? Would you think of the Czech Republic? Believe it or not we are becoming a café superpower along the lines of London or New York! We hope that this article will make the day to all you coffee lovers coming to the Czech Republic!

First of all, there are plenty of high-quality Czech roasters all around Prague. We tend to keep up with the current trends and a unique coffee culture concept. It is Prague’s long history what gives our cafés a unique relaxed atmosphere so that you can sit and chat over a cup of coffee. The variety of styles and the individuality of various neighbourhoods of Prague will make your stay special. And what’s more! The competition and popularity of cafés with the locals has kept prices at a reasonable level.

There are hundreds of cafés all around Prague. If you are staying for longer period of time you’ll definitely find your favourite! However, if you come only for a visit, here are two of our recommendations.
One of our favourite café is Mamacoffee. Their offer of coffee beans is seasonal and it changes frequently, therefore they can guarantee the freshness of their coffee. You can find 7 Mamacoffee cafés around Prague and taste the pastry from their own bakery.

The next tip is Alchemist Pattisserie. During summer you can enjoy possibly the most beautiful backyard garden in all of Prague. During winter you can taste their premium coffee and homemade cakes inside. Only thinking of that makes us want to go there!

We hope you will enjoy your stay in Prague and that you will find the right place for you.