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What I like most in Prague and why

Life HacksDec 25, 2017

Prague is truly the heart of Europe, geographically and even culturally. Given the rich history of the city, different tangents of European and Czech culture will always greet you and not to forget, the ease of travelling to all the neighbouring nations on an economical ticket!

What I like about living in Prague

PragueLife HacksDec 18, 2017

How may times do we think: I wish I could have fun and yet not bleed my wallet? Well, living in Prague comes a step closer to that. The city is popular for it’s countless cultural and nightlife spots without being too expensive or exclusive. A drink by Valtava? A weekend trip to the hills? […]

Best places in the Czech Republic

Life HacksDec 12, 2017

We all know that Prague is a magical city. However, if you come here to study, you shouldn’t only stay in our capital city. The Czech Republic is full of beautiful places, castles and chateaux, national parks as well as modern architecture. Majority of those places are accessible by the public transportation. There are plenty […]

Prague as Café superpower

Life HacksDec 12, 2017

If we say “The beer nation” most people will think of the Czech Republic. I’m not going to lie to you. It is true, Czech people drink a lot of beer. However, what would you think if we say coffee? Would you think of the Czech Republic? Believe it or not we are becoming a […]