Prague Walks

Do you want to enjoy the weather as well as the beauties of Prague? Today we bring you the Vyšehrad route! It will guide you around the riverfront to the Vyšehrad ramparts, offering inspiring views of the city, as well as a remarkable showcase of architecture! Plus it is only 5 km/3 miles long and there are plenty of options to buy a small refreshment! Enjoy! 🙂

Beer Nation

Don’t get this wrong. Czech people are mostly truthful people, but when it comes to drinking beer there are some sentences that can be confusing to foreign students. Here is manual that will help you understand us. „Let‘s grab one“ never means finish with only one beer … nor two. „I’ll finish the beer and go home“ is always followed by some coincidence which brings another beer on the table. „I will never drink again“ is how it ends the next morning. And that brings us to the start because this conviction usually fades away with a hangover: „Let’s grab one!“

Czech Cottages

Are you wondering why there seems to be less people in Prague on Saturday? A lot of Czech people – more or less the older generations – spend their weekends on their cottages somewhere in the countryside to get some fresh air. If you would like to experience a typical Czech weekend there are plenty of websites that offer cottages and cabins for rent. You can go on a walk into the forest or see some castles.